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Different Landscaping Design Styles For Your Home

There are different types of landscape designing styles, which are not strictly classified under any categories. It would be worthwhile to get an idea of the different design styles and check their pictures before applying any style for your home outdoors.


Mediterranean landscaping theme is mostly centered around the plants used for creating it. This design style is being increasingly embraced around the world as different types of palm trees and Mediterranean plants are successfully being used in different types of climates.

Another Landscaping Chicago style, cottage garden were first created for growing crops to sustain small families. Today, they have become more of a trend that features popular flowers, vegetable gardens and herbs.

Even though, there are not many eastern style homes in the west, but the concept of creating eastern or Japanese type of gardens is highly popular. Keep in mind that this type of garden theme would create a contrasting look with a contemporary home design.

A southwest landscape theme is highly popular and helps create an atmosphere that can be commonly seen in most homes going beyond the arid regions. Much of the atmosphere for this type of design can be created using hardscapes and decor without the need for plants found in arid regions.

Then, there are more formal themes that would mainly involve the use of geometrical shapes and straight lines. Most of the time, this theme has symmetrical aspects where plants are added in proper order. They need to be regularly pruned for maintaining a more formal effect.


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