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How to Get Rid of the Fleas in Your House

Your pet has most probably brought fleas into your home, but you can be certain that they have got into the carpets, upholstery and even bedding and have laid their eggs there. The first flea control step to take is to remove the pests from the animal and use an adequate treatment to prevent future infestations. The next step is to get rid of any fleas in the house and their eggs.

Wash the bedding thoroughly for effective flea control. Remove sheets, blankets, duvets and pillows from the beds and wash them as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not miss to wash the bedding of your pet or pets as well. The hotter the water is the better. Additionally, put a little bit of extra detergent.

Vacuum all mattresses in your home, the carpeting and all upholstered surfaces. These are among the favorite hiding spots especially for eggs. Use the crevice tool to vacuum hard to reach spots and corners. It is crucial that you clean the vacuum bag appropriately after use. If it is disposable, remove it, place it in a plastic bag and seal the bag tightly before you throw it away. If the vacuum bag is reusable you should wash it thoroughly using a strong detergent.

Steam cleaning is another recommended flea control method for the house. Steam clean all carpeted and upholstered surfaces which can be cleaned in this way. This is necessary to ensure that all eggs are killed.

There are different flea control methods and products which you can use to exterminate all such pests and their eggs which may be in your house and yard. There are powders which are applied to floors and upholstered surfaces.

There are also foggers also called insect bombs which release chemicals that kill the pests and their eggs into the air. The yard products are typically sprayed on surfaces either directly or with the use of a garden hose.

Check to see whether there are any fleas on you and on the other people in your house. This can be easily done if you put on a pair of white socks or preferably stocking. These pests are attracted to this color and will easily reveal their presence. If there are fleas on you, then there may be eggs on some of your clothes. Wash them to ensure that any eggs will be killed

It is always best to hire a professional flea control company which will recommend the right pesticide and apply it safely and effectively. Search for a local company such as flea control Jacksonville when looking for a solution.


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