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Top 5 projects to invest your money in 2021

Money CAN buy happiness, not like the old saying tells. Without it you can’t live your American dream you are wishing for. But your current salary may not allow you to do so, and saving money isn’t an option either.So,you try to invest  money as a one of the modern methods of expanding your wallet without worrying about your retirement salary.

You may ask yourself “how can I invest my money?” GOTCHA!!, here are five 05 safe fields to invest your money in. You should try your luck in.

  1. Company Stocks
    Stock is a share within the company’s shares owned by an individual or a group. If you invest in the shares from any exciting company in the world, you are about to be one of its owners. But you better be smart on which company you put your money in. there are two 02 types of Stocks; Common Stocks: It is the most issued and traded stock among people in the financial market. Preferred Stocks: They are shares that constitute a fixed and guaranteed profit rate, unlike common shares with variable profits.
  2. Real estate
    Investing money in real estate is one of the best and safest types of investment. You can start with something small like buy and sell or own a piece of land and build a house above it, then sell or rent it with a good price. And invest the money you gained by repeating the same process or aim for something more bigger like a residential building or a motel… etc.
  3. Cryptocurrency
    Cryptocurrencies are the newest type of investment. They are unregulated digital currencies that are bought and sold on cryptocurrency websites.In the same way that you can exchange the US dollar for any other currency such as the euro, you can also exchange the US dollar for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Though it may be a risky method, it is still worth trying. The good side about cryptocurrency is you can buy and sell them whenever you want.
  4. Gold
    The best part of gold investment is it prevents your money from inflation factors and the rise in prices of other commodities (oil, dollars, etc.). Therefore, investing in gold is the safest method for the investors and the rich to preserve their wealth and the value of their money.
  5. Investing money online
    Investing money online is considered the most popular investment method today, especially after many people lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Many headed to invest online through freelancing, online shops or even blogging. The best thing about investing online is you can do it in your cozy bed but you better worry about your shape from time to time. Never forget to do some exercises.

To conclude, a piece of advice,do not rush things, you better not risk putting all your money in one investment method, rather you should try many types, smartly. Plus, you have to make sure that all your pills and debts are paid. No one wants to be homeless just because they invested all their money in one failed attempt.


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