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5 Online jobs that can overtake traditional ones

As any rational adult person, we need to get a job to get the chance to live a comfortable life. We have two 02 choices in front of us: Traditional jobs and Online jobs. First of all, Traditional jobs, as known, are any ordinary job that gets you a fixed salary after each month or weekend. It’s routine work, such as teaching, office, cops, doctors and so on. It may help with scheduling your day, but it takes up so much time of your day that you may have no time for your loved ones. Plus, you may work under a mean boss or not in a comfortable environment. Meanwhile, online jobs are essentially freelancing.  Which means that someone is offering their services through the internet; like blogging, dropshipping, translating or writing (like me) and many other jobs. Just get a cup of coffee or some snacks and sit on your pc and do the work whenever you want. Be your own BOSS. Due to the spread of technology and mainly the internet, many traditional workers have shifted to online jobs since it’s way more convenient, pays better, and it is available for everyone with or without being professional since you will become one after many attempts . You fit, You in. Here are five 05 traditional jobs you can do online.

  1. Translation
    Yes, translating is highly needed online more than in real life jobs. If you are Bilingual or multilingual or a language student or you just happen to profess another language, you can work as a translator in some of the freelance websites and they will pay you around 40.000$ per year. You can specify in any field of translation; scientific, literary, economics but you better be aware of what you are capable of or you are going to lose your reputation.
  2. Graphic design
    Many artists may be socially failures, because being an artist doesn’t pay well. If you are an artist you can use your magic online and who knows you may be the new Da Vinci. You can do commissions, work on what other people want you to design, collaborate with other artists or companies, make animations, posters, book covers or even logos, or create your own comics, you can make your own comics and publish them on comic websites like Webtoon, many people enjoy reading comics just like I do. It all depends on your passion where it drops. This job pays well, depending on your skills and time cost.
  3. Proofreading
    If you always get full or the highest mark in Grammar, this job will suit you the most. If you can notice the punctuation and spelling errors you can be qualified to work as proofreader in some websites like Proofed , Wordvice, Cactus and others. Customers will send you their papers and you have to verify if there are any errors that should be edited. That’s it, so easy. Payment starts from 20$ to 45$ per hour. It’s quite a good job for beginners.
  4. Web developer
    Many companies realize that their online presence is essential in the modern era. So, web developers are really needed in this matter. All you need is a PC and good access to the internet. You don’t need to have a degree to be a web developer, you just need some online courses, website building tools, templates, and resources to help you do it without much effort. It is said that a junior web developer can earn anywhere from $60,000 to $100,000 for website development.
  5. Voice-over (or Voice commentary)
    Voiceover is the art of practicing voices. It is about providing a voice to be used in a professional voiceover. This can be Voice Over for games, videos, animations, commercials, and more. The voice overs are actors whose role is to read any given text where it fits into the character (such as a cartoon character) or context (such as a documentary). You can get paid 30$ hourly. What a good deal.

In the end, online jobs are not easy to get. It takes time, patience and effort to be a successful freelancer who gets paid well. But still it offers more opportunities to many people than traditional jobs.


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