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5 scam jobs you need to be aware of

Scammers have long preyed on work-at-home opportunities. However, in the wake of the COVID- 19 issue, they have suddenly become even more dangerous. Unfortunately, many people have lost their jobs as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.. Finding a new job can be tough, especially because many non-essential firms throughout the world have had to cut hours and reduce employees. Scammers are well aware that some job seekers are in desperate need of money, and they will exploit this to their advantage when recruiting new professionals who are not used to looking for work-from-home chances. Here are five 05 online jobs you should avoid:

Data Entry Scams  
 When a machine-readable version of the data for intended computer-based analysis or processing is not easily available, data entry, or a person-based procedure, is one of the important basic jobs required. Scams involving data entry take various shapes, but the common thread is that they offer a lot of money for a job that requires little talent. These jobs frequently involve an upfront cost for processing or training, and they rarely pay as claimed. There are real data entry jobs out there, but they do not pay a lot of money and do not demand a large upfront investment.

 Pyramid marketing

Pyramid marketing is Multi-level marketing, also called network marketing or pyramid selling. It is illegal and has no basis in actual commercial activity. There is no product in most pyramid marketing schemes; simply only money is exchanged. People participate in pyramid marketing because they believe they will benefit from the investments made by others who join the program after them, just like they do with chain letters. For someone to make money using a pyramid marketing scam, someone else must lose funds.

Unsolicited job
Unsolicited job offers, in the form of a job scam, are commonly received by email. The job seeker does not seek for these offers, which offer either instant employment or the chance to interview for a terrific job. To persuade a job seeker to interview, some scammers would appear to be from a well-known business or job website (such as FlexJobs, ZipRecruiter, or Indeed). These offers could also arrive via social media (like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram).

Online Re-shipping
Because individuals who fall for it unknowingly become criminals, online re-shipping is a severe job hunt fraud. Re-shipping jobs, also known as postal forwarding jobs, are work-at-home positions that entail repacking and delivering stolen items to clients outside the country. Despite being promised a paycheck and refund for shipping costs paid out of pocket, victims of this scam rarely get any money.

A binary option trading
Binary option  is a fixed-reward option in which a person must choose between two 02 possible outcomes and anticipate the outcome. They will be paid the agreed-upon amount if their forecast is right. If they do not get the right forecast, they will only lose their first investment. The term ‘binary’ refers to the fact that there are only two possible outcomes: win or loss. Companies that purport to be legitimate brokers or auto trading services but are actually scams are known as binary options scams. You will not see your money after depositing it with such a corporation because withdrawals are impossible with such brokers. Scam brokers are individuals who use deception to persuade prospective clients to make a deposit. Cold calling, downplaying the risk, and using stolen data are examples of such tactics.

There are a few telling signals that a job posting is most likely a scam; scammers may use words that are probably too good to be true like: quick money, unlimited earning potential, free work-from-home jobs. The ad or the email is filled with spelling and grammatical errors. The so-called  “business” has a gmail or other popular provider’s email domain. Unfortunately, as efforts to restrict the spread of COVID-19 continue, an increasing number of people may lose their jobs. Workers in practically every area can find genuine jobs through telework. It is, however, a position suitable for scammers. Be cautious and safe when searching, and become familiar with the common job fields that allow individuals to work from home.


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