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9 best websites and apps for working online

If you want to start your online career, first thing you should do is find some platforms where you will offer your service. Luckly, there are plenty of websites and apps on the internet that are made for this purpose only. All you have to do is create your account and Voila!! you are officially a freelancer. Of course you have to be patient to get your first work done and your first payment, but once you get popular things go as you please. Here are nine 09 freelance platform you can earn money with
1.Selling old/ used things
You may have a very old but still working camera or iPad or even some antique furniture or used shoes or clothes you no longer wish to see around. These platforms are highly made for selling things like this. The most popular ones are: eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Vinted, Dealo, and also, you can even sell your books on Book Scouter.
2.Selling pictures and videos
The dream of becoming a photographer may come true if you join one of these websites. You can earn money by selling your work, whether it is photos, videos, animations or 3D designs, online on: Adobe Stock, Shutter stock, Alamy, Getty Images, or Foap.
3.Polls or Survey
There are many websites and apps that pay you just for doing surveys. They all have the same basic rule which is “you earn points when you complete surveys or offers.” Users will receive free gift cards or cash for daily online activities such as exploring the web, playing games, watching videos, or shopping online, where you can earn money through cash back refunds. You can sign up in the following websites to become one of their users: Swag bucks, Cash Karma, My Points, Inbox Dollars, and VIP Voice. Unfortunately for some readers, some of these platforms only work within the United States of America.
4.Investing money
To invest means to set aside money in the hope of receiving a good benefit or return in the future. Investing money in stocks is one of the best methods of earning extra money in the future, especially when you bet on the right company. Platforms such as: Robin hood, Lending Club, and Acorns are made to help people to invest their money in the right places.
5.Earning from ads
This one may need someone with some background material (which is subscribers). Let me explain clearly, platforms like YouTube, Twitch, or Dailymotion are best for sponsoring products or websites. All you need to do is advertise some products, websites, games or apps on your videos and the sponsor will pay you for that.
6.Writing services
If you are confident with your writing levels you may work on one of these websites, and earn money with your skills. These are the best writing platforms you may sign up for: Mental Floss, ProBlogger, Contently, and Listverse. You can be a blogger and write about your own thoughts, facts or knowledge to impress others.
7.Voice acting
If you are gifted with an amazing voice why not try to use this gift in earning money? Many customers are looking for voice actors for the simplest thing like an ad with 30 seconds. So do not waste your pretty voice and start voice acting on one of these platforms:Voices, Bunny Studio, Voice123, or Snap Recordings.
8.Selling designs
Designers are highly needed nowadays, especially online. So, if you are a designer and you are looking for a place where you can offer your work and services, we suggest for you these platforms: Etsy, ArtFire, Zibbet, Society6 and Flocksy.
9.eBook services
Finally, ebook service is getting in the way of ordinary book publishing. If you are a writer, you can write and sell your work online on one of these ebook websites: SQRIBBLE and Self Publishing.

In the end, it is high time for people to switch to working online, at their cozy and warm homes. The Internet provided us with everything we needed in all the imaginable fields from the simplest jobs such as completing surveys, and selling old furniture to photographing, writing and voice acting to the hardest and riskiest jobs such as investing money in stocks and designing.


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